Welcome to HearthSide Music

HearthSide is a home for seasoned professionals dedicated to the crafting of acoustic music and providing a positive vibration for the listening experience.  Whether a dark corner of a public pour house, LARGE/small event public or private, open air festival stage or simply finding an available street corner for an afternoon of busking. The music will capture your body mind and spirit.

HearthSide Music is a place where acoustic music is brewed, musicians gather & share ideas. The artists under this roof come from many backgrounds. The style differences offer a variety of flavor & sound!

HearthSide Music is steeped in: Blues, Old Time Swing, Traditional, Folk, Rock, Grass, Grunge, Gypsy…Given the diversity of the players, when paired on stage, the limits are as vast as imagination.



Compadres of the Old Sierra Madraés

Down to the station

Rumi Dean (John Phillips)